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Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. August 5, - Published on Amazon. Verified Purchase. The books of Tom Holt are a cross between science fiction, fantasy, satire and absurdity, He fits into a typical English tradition that includes Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett and and Jasper Fforde. If you like one of these writers, it is very likely you will like Tom Holt too.

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If you don't, better don't start with a book of Tom Holt. For the rest: we all know that octopuses are very clever and a dog is a man's best friend. Better keep that in mind, next time you order octopus salad or kick the dog. Before you know, they come and get you. November 18, - Published on Amazon. Very good book. This book was enjoyable and I quickly read it as it was hard to put down. I wasn't sure from the other reviews whether I would like it but it exceeded my expectations. I thought the plot was interesting and there were some funny bits.

Blonde Bombshell by Tom Holt (2010, Paperback)

I'm glad I took a chance with this book. November 4, - Published on Amazon. A bomb who walks around in human form? Additional Product Features Dewey Edition. Show More Show Less.

Any Condition Any Condition. See all No ratings or reviews yet. Be the first to write a review. Her by Pierre Jeanty , Paperback 6.

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    Lovesick The story of Charlie Darby, who has everything going for him: a great job, friends, family, the whole package. The one thing Charlie doesn't have is love, because every time he gets close, he goes clinically insane. When he meets the perfect girl, Charlie must overcome his psychosis to claim his chance at true love.

    The Last of the Blonde Bombshells