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The closing sentence is remarkable for its resonance: "He imagined cities where blood stained the sidewalks beneath buildings tall as ridges.

He tried to imagine a place worse than where he was. In "Ascent" Rash presents a young boy with parents who are meth addicts. Rash refuses, however, to vilify the parents, but instead shows their pathetic efforts to provide a Christmas of sorts for Jared. The issue of meth addiction and abuse continues in "Back of Beyond.

Burning Bright: Stories

He is divorced, has no children, and no apparent personal connections, yet Parson steps in when he realizes that his older brother Ray is being terrorized by his own son. Rash refuses to sentimentalize Appalachia, instead pointing out the preponderance of methamphetamine usage among the young. The problems are complex, as are Rash's characters.

The title story "Burning Bright" centers around Marcie, a widow with little hope for future happiness. Rash sets the scene; the weather is hot and dry: "The worst drought in a decade, the weatherman had said" , an arsonist is on the loose: a "third fire in two weeks, the talk on tv " , and her new husband Carl carries a cigarette lighter she bought for him as a wedding gift.

Two of the stories, "Return" and "Waiting for the End of the World," are more aptly described as sketches.

'Burning Bright' by Ron Rash (Ecco)

Rash manages to cover themes such as superstition "The Corpse Bird" , jealousy "Falling Star" , greed "Dead Confederates" , and loneliness "The Woman Who Believed in Jaguars" , but his treatment is fresh and, in some instances, shocking. Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide.

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Burning Bright by by Ron Rash: Summary and reviews

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