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It is true that most of us have manifestations of narcissistic traits from time to time, which is normal and not necessarily a negative. This article, however, focuses on pathological narcissism as defined by psychologist Stephen Johnson and other mental health professionals.

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Pathological narcissists tend to do great harm to others and ultimately to themselves over a long period of time. In particular, family members of a pathological narcissist may suffer greatly from the manipulation and lack of true intimacy. This article helps readers with the first steps of dealing with a pathological narcissist, with a list of additional resources provided for further investigation. Professor of Communication Studies e-mail: commsuccess nipreston. I apologize for not realizing that, yes there are quite a few overly self absorbed people and some of them have a core personality based on being hurtful and non-apologetic.

I would love to think they are going to be called out and forced to face their actions, but that will only start a shouting match. When faced with looking at themselves through someone else's eyes they have to distort the truth. My experience with these people is that they are pathological bullies and I have basically taken a personal oath against allowing bullies to hurt others.

I have a question I have been wanting to ask Are people in psychiatric medicine able to explain how I was able to do 12 hour shift-work for 5 years on a leg where the bones did not connect, all the while playing a mental game where I never show a single person any pain on my face. I had to send huge amounts of rage down to meet the intense pain every step I took and when the rage was more than the pain, I could step without it showing on my face.

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I always was able to send more down. You have to take into consideration that my leg was so bad they finally amputated it.

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The whole time I worked 60, 70 or even 80 hour work weeks at a lab where you never got to sit for long. The most humorous thing is the reason I decided to keep it all hidden inside my personal universe I wanted to see if it was possible. While on the operating table the surgeon grabbed my foot and was able to spin my foot around like a hand on a clock, fyi the broken part was above my knee, meaning my foot and half the leg rotated around.

I've asked psychologists and 1 or 2 psychiatric MD's how this is possible and none seemed that impressed enough to dig into it. What I did should really be impossible, right? I hope your considering a reply to my post on how I was able to work those years and not let the pain show. I couldn't do it now, not even a little bit. That is why I am wondering how I was able to repeat the process over and over for every step I took.

I'm laughing inside when I replay the incident because I was only trying to see if someone could actually be in so much pain and not show anyone a single limp or any pain emotion. Of course I am very odd, and also kinda foolish at times. I really was hoping to hear about how a person could make a little mind game into something i now think is impossible. Having experienced parents who were narcissists, as correspondent above, it is never easy to get out of the clutches of narcissists as an adult due to the 'programming'. One can certainly be much more aware and sensitive to such types but if they're the boss or in a powerful position it makes for a very unhappy time as one can be re traumatised all over again.

Being able to step back is nigh impossible as usually a narcissist is very clever at recognising the vulnerabilities of such people and manipulate even further. Doesn't bear contemplation in having a partner who is a narcissist! Of course they come in a sliding scale.

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The worst are called malignant narcissists and they're the ones to get away from as soon as possible. You will never ever have a win-win situation with these people. If you think you can you may be fooling yourself. Having compassion for them means having distance. If you can't have that objectivity then you will be hurt.

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  6. So hopefully there's some tips in the book about milder forms. Or you take the self preservation road of getting away, getting them out of your life. Generalising about people is usually not such a good principle if it is mild. If you have had ongoing detrimental experience s with one, you know you need to categorise the characteristics of such people in order to make sense of such obnoxious behaviour. The discussion here is about narcissistic parents and their effect on children. I have witnessed a narcissistic child who seems to have been born that way, displaying such behavior from early school age.

    This now 15 year old in addition to being the most narcissistic person I have ever encountered also more alarmingly shows zero empathy for anyone, even her own mother who is a loving and family devoted woman.

    When she was in hospital for a week the child's father came home and told the girl that his mother was in hospital. The child's reaction? To run off to her room screaming F off because the tv show she was watching was being interrupted. The child did not inquire once during the week about her mother and did not want to visit her. I have deviated from the discussion about narcissism but I wonder if anyone else has encountered narcissism or lack of empathy in a child like this.

    I think the original article is about encountering narcissism under any conditions, it wasn't just about adult kids with narcissistic parents.

    Careers for Persuasive Types & Others Who Won't Take No for an Answer

    In any case, yes, its possible for a child to be born with a genetic predisposition to having callous and unemotional traits, an inability to care about the needs and feelings of others lack of affective empathy , cruel behaviors and a very self-focused point of view. If this girl from a very young age was frequently given lots of presents or rewards for no reason, then that can cause the child to become materialistic. If the child receives praise often, even when she has put forth no effort to earn the praise, then the child comes to expect praise as her due. If the child is allowed to behave badly disrespectfully, like a bully, demanding, tantrums, etc.

    Spoiling a child engenders narcissism, a false feeling of superiority and sense of entitlement; the child believes that she is owed special, deferential treatment and obeisance from her inferiors aka pretty much everyone else. In Asian cultures, the first born male child is in danger of being spoiled into narcissism, and it happens so often its referred to as "The Little Emperor Syndrome". It may be too late, but, I hope that this 15 year old girl will be given some individual psychotherapy and some family therapy with her parents, or she will have a great deal of difficulty navigating normal social interactions if she treats her friends, teachers, her future employers and future dates as badly and as disrespectfully as she treats her parents.

    Most people will not tolerate a spoiled adult who throws temper tantrums at the drop of a hat like a 2 year old toddler. Can you cite some research that backs your statements about "creating" narcissistic personality disorder in the way you suggest? I would like to have a read. All that I have read so far supports a very strong genetic basis as per your first point but the only parent factor I have read about is having a parent with NPD.

    Or are you conflating self-centredness with NPD?

    I found this article to be spot on. Not only with the research I've dug into but what I have experienced in my own life. How can one know who they are, if they are too busy concentrating on their ego? My opinion is that anyone speaks out against this article is most likely a narcissist themselves, but of course personal opinions are always argued against, rule of thumb for any thread on the internet. So here comes the storm. Some good advice here for dealing with NPD.

    It does rely on spotting what's happening though. Covert NPD seems much harder to spot and much harder to deal with, even if you work it out. I think that it's kind of pathetic of me as well to have to look up on the internet "how to set boundaries with my abusive, narcissistic boyfriend"; and find advice on how to tippy-toe around them.

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    What has society come to when we need advice on how to be treated with respect and care? If it's a boss, you either put up with it or quit. If it's a marital partner, you stay or leave.

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    But what if you've been with someone 4 years and they are now showing their real personality? After you've invested your heart and life with them? It's NOT that easy. Now I have to follow through when my self-esteem has been further chipped away, I'm scared, alone and feeling just horrible. Three distinctions separate narcissistic behavior from pathological narcissism. How gaslighters traumatize and exploit victims to achieve their goals.

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