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You are responsible for keeping your account up to date. If the bill isn't paid in full by the due date, your account payment will become overdue and it may be subject to late payment charges and disconnection. If your account falls behind, we'll contact you in writing or by telephone to remind you to pay your amount owing. If payment in full for the outstanding balance is not paid and your account continues to be delinquent, a final notice of disconnection will be sent. Disconnections can occur any time after we have notified you with a final notice of disconnection.

If the outstanding balance continues to remain unpaid, we may refer your account to a collection agency. Learn about our winter disconnection policies. If you've received a final notice of disconnection and have made the payment in full, it's important that you report your payment to avoid any disruption of service that can occur while the payment is being processed. If you have a medical condition requiring medical equipment powered by electricity for life support purposes, you'll be given a day extension before your account is disconnected for non-payment.

Before we grant the day extension, you need to contact us to request it and discuss setting up a payment arrangement. We may require verification of your medical condition. If your account is disconnected, payment in full for the outstanding balance will have to be paid before you can request a reconnection. If you have a smart meter, you may be able to request a reconnection without speaking to an agent.

We disconnect electricity when no one applies for service at a property after the previous account holder closes their account. We'll reconnect service to a property once we receive an application for service from the new occupant. To avoid a disruption in electricity service, you should apply for an account before your move-in date. This ensures electricity remains on between tenants.

We require safe and unobstructed access to our meters and equipment to maintain your service. Ensure the meter and any other equipment is not blocked by plants or trees, fences, landscaping, and that we have access to any locked doors or gates. If we cannot get access or if access is blocked, we will attempt to contact you.

If we cannot arrange access, we will have no choice but to disconnect electricity service. If a disconnection is required, it will be done at the point of connection such as at the pole or underground connection point , which has a much higher cost than a remote or manual disconnection at your meter. Electricity is dangerous, so if a temporary disconnection is required to safely work on your construction or renovation project, let us know.

Learn more about electrical connections. If you're moving and no longer require electricity service, we need at least 24 hours' notice to close your account. You are responsible for the payment of any amounts associated with your account up until this notice expires. This includes any electricity used in the 24 hours from when you contact us as well as any costs related to damaged or lost wires, meter s or other types of our equipment.

The Customer Rules

If you cancel your service, there is no new account opened e. A reconnection or new connection charge will also be added to the account. A common example of this occurring is when a customer cancels service during a renovation project and then reapplies for service. For construction and renovations requiring a temporary or permanent disconnection of service, click here. Most of our meters send your electricity use information back to us automatically, three times a day.

A small number of standard meters are still being read manually. In addition, customers who have opted-in to the Meter Choices Program radio-off and legacy meters also have the meters read manually every two months. If we're unable to read your meter, an estimate may be used for billing. A message — "your bill shows an estimate" will appear on the bill. Once we're able to read your meter, an adjustment will be made on your account to reflect the actual electricity use.

Learn more about electricity meters.

The owner of a property is responsible for providing proper wiring and fittings that meet the electrical code or municipal bylaws so that we can provide electricity service. Safe and unobstructed access to our meters and equipment is required for us to maintain your service. Electricity can be extremely dangerous. To ensure your safety and the safety of the public and our employees, please don't attempt to work on our equipment.

This includes the removal of trees or objects that have fallen or are growing near wires or poles. Connections and disconnections from our system must only be made by our crews and contractors. Contact us if work needs to be done on or near the equipment serving your property. We work hard to provide you with regular and uninterrupted service but we don't guarantee a constant supply of electricity, or the maintenance of frequency or voltage.

Because of this, we can't be held responsible, or liable for any loss, injury, damage or expense, including loss of profit, loss of revenues or other economic loss, caused by an interruption or defect in the supply of electricity. We may suspend or terminate your service at any time to prevent theft or fraud, protect our property or to protect our service to other customers. We may also disconnect you if you fail to comply with the terms of our service agreement, or if we're ordered by a government authority to suspend or terminate your service.

Electrical service may be temporarily suspended for safety reasons, to make repairs or improvements to our system, or in the event of fire, flood or other emergency. Whenever practical we'll provide notice of such suspension and will restore service as soon as possible.

Customer service rules review

If you have any dispute about the service we're providing you, please contact us so that we can make every effort to resolve your complaint. We are regulated by the British Columbia Utilities Commission BCUC and under the Utilities Commission Act the BCUC's responsibilities include ensuring that customers receive safe, reliable and non-discriminatory energy services at fair rates from the utilities it regulates. If we have not resolved your complaint to your satisfaction, you have the right to submit a complaint to the BCUC.

If you believe we've treated you in an unfair manner, you have the option of submitting a complaint. Customer service rules for our customers. When you set up or move your account To avoid a disruption in electricity service, set up an account before you move into your property.

Some examples when this might occur include: You move into a home but don't open an account until after you've been living there for several days. In this case, you'd still be responsible for paying for the electricity used at the property since you moved in. You own or manage a rental property that's vacant, but some electricity is still being used e.

When you set up or move your account

In this case, you would be responsible for paying for the electricity used. Electricity rates The rate we'll use for your account is based on how you use electricity. If you live in a residence and use electricity strictly for residential purposes, you will be put on the residential rate. If you live in a residence and have a home-based business, you may be put on a business rate. Change in electricity use. To confirm that your rate is still appropriate, contact us when changes such as the following occur: You start or complete a construction project or major renovation You change the function or zoning of your property, such as residential farm use You start a home-based business You change the size of your business operation We'll only change your rate once you notify us.

Standard charges.

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Some standard charges may apply to your account:. Meter choices program. Taxes and your bill. Regional transit levy The regional transit levy is established through the Power Levy Bylaw and applied to all residential accounts in TransLink's service region in the Metro Vancouver area. Residential customers who live on a reserve and who have a Certificate of Indian Status Card.

Do you own a business that's operated in your home? Security deposits Security deposits are one way to limit the losses and costs that are incurred when customers don't pay their bills. There are a few alternatives that may allow you to waive the security deposit requirement: Credit bureau report — give us permission to obtain a credit bureau report to verify creditworthiness. Bill frequency Security deposit Bi-monthly Security deposit amount is up to three times 3X the estimated average monthly amount based on actual electricity usage Monthly Security deposit amount is up to two times 2X the estimated average monthly bill based on actual electricity usage.

The security deposit may be returned to you after 12 months of good payment history. Paying your bill Payment for the full amount of your bill is required within 21 days of the billing date. Equal payment plan. How it works The installment amount that you pay each month is calculated based on the previous 12 months of total electricity use divided by They understand and practice the three things I talk about in my speeches.

The Customer Rules - Lee Cockerell

Hire and promote great people, train and test them and create a culture where everyone loves going to work in the morning because of the way they are respected, included, trained and developed. He received a preview copy. The book will be out March 5 and can be ordered now. I wanted to comment on the 3rd item that you mentioned that Edina Reality practices — which is also taken from your speeches — that of creating a culture where everyone loves going to work.

It is a great story that clearly demonstrates task versus purpose. Freddie the security guard brings an autograph book with him to work. When 5 year old Alli arrived that the entrance to the Magic Kingdom, Freddie approached Alli and asked for her autograph.

Alli was dressed as Cinderella that day, and he made her feel like a real princess. I believe that Freddie loves going to work everyday and regardless of all the million dollar attractions in the Magic Kingdom, one thing Alli left with that day was a memory of how a security guard thought she was a real princess.