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View larger. Unique in approach, this book examines drug use, drug misuse, and drug abuse from a criminal justice perspective. Building on sociological theory, it explores the social problems associated with drug use and the theoretical reasons for drug use and abuse. Moving beyond a sociological focus, it delves into the complex relationship between drug-taking behavior and crime.

Discussion-starting features spotlight prominent figures, drug trafficking realities, and life-saving information as the book explores how drug use and abuse impact the criminal justice system. Presents the full range of illegal and legal drugs— considering both street drugs heroin, cocaine, amphetamines, hallucinogens, marijuana and legal drugs alcohol, nicotine, depressants, inhalants, performance-enhancing drugs and prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals.

The Measurement of Crime

Examines the social problems associated with drugs— and the sociological theory behind drug-taking behaviors. Includes recent transformative legislative and regulatory changes relating to drug use and abuse in America, such as:. Places criminal justice chapters earlier in the text— see Part I. The Major Stimulants: Cocaine and Amphetamines. Download Test Bank Download only - Mac 0.

Terminology and Information on Drugs

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Drugs, Society and Criminal Justice, 3rd Edition

Charles F. Levinthal, Hofstra University. Six vehicles on a second rail car from the same shipment in Mexico were also found to contain meth. The police were then able to stop a similar shipment of cars as it entered Canada. Subsequent inspections of vehicles from the Hermosillo, Mexico factory have yielded no drugs. It appears to police the criminals have abandoned tire packing and vehicle shipments to distribute and smuggle drugs.

No matter how many smuggling lanes police close, smugglers will find new ways to transport drugs. Imagine you are a mechanic at a car dealership responsible for unloading sparkling new vehicles from a truck shipped by rail from an assembly plant.

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The 'new car smell' permeates as you peel the protective plastic from the seats and install the floor mats, mud flaps and dealer 'badges', as you've done many times before. In the trunk is a spare tire but it's heavier than usual.

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Each suspicious spare tire contained several one-kilogram packages of methamphetamine or 'meth'. Sensing something amiss in December , sharp-eyed employees at four car dealerships in Ontario contacted their local police service when they discovered the spare tires in the newly-arrived vehicles weren't intended for that make and model. At that point, members of the OPP-led Organized Crime Enforcement Bureau OCEB became involved and engaged with the manufacturer to find out if those initial four cars were part of a common shipment, how many other vehicles may have been part of the same shipment, where they were, and where all of the vehicles within that batch had originated.

With follow-up information from the manufacturer, the OPP further inspected ten more vehicles from that same shipment. In total, nine of the 14 vehicles searched at 13 different dealerships from the first shipment that stopped in Ontario were found to contain meth.

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Cars that were on a different rail car but part of the same shipment from Mexico made their way to Quebec for dispersal to three dealerships in Quebec and New Brunswick. Six vehicles transported on the second rail car were found to contain packages of meth.

After investigating those vehicles, police were able to proactively stop a similar subsequent shipment of cars as it crossed the border into Canada. In total, kilograms of meth were located in vehicles shipped trans-continentally to Canada. Meth has permeated every one of our communities -- the number of meth seizures has continued to grow.

Seizures of methamphetamine have increased steadily since The uptake in meth use can be partially attributed from a decrease in price as well as changes over time to the formulation and availability of other, more potent opioids like oxycodone. In this case - a vehicle manufacturer and a rail company were exploited by a well-established, organized crime group - the Sinaloa drug cartel.

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