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There are many things I like about this book. One is just the subject matter. I like to read about the inner workings of the earth, volcanoes, plate tectonics, the forming and breakup of super Earth : An Intimate History. Richard Fortey.

In Earth , the acclaimed author of Trilobite! Beginning with Mt.

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Vesuvius, whose eruption in Roman times helped spark the science of geology, and ending in a lab in the West of England where mathematical models and lab experiments replace direct observation, Richard Fortey tells us what the present says about ancient geologic processes.

He shows how plate tectonics came to rule the geophysical landscape and how the evidence is written in the hills and in the stones. And in the process, he takes us on a wonderful journey around the globe to visit some of the most fascinating and intriguing spots on the planet. Oceans and Continents. The Mask of Command.

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EARTH: An Intimate History

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Earth an intimate history

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