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Wed 02 Oct 19 This Was England Wed 02 Oct 19 My Brother's Keeper Wed 02 Oct 19 Danger Tomorrow Wed 02 Oct 19 Saloon Bar A group of pub locals set out to prove that a local is not guilty of murder to prevent a hanging.

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Wed 02 Oct 19 Scotland Yard The Last Train. Duggan investigates a murder in the London Underground. Directed by Brock Williams. A girl from an impoverished family seeks revenge after she is jilted by her lover. Wed 02 Oct 19 We Three Documentary made in the s about life on a sheep station in the isolated outback, Australia. Wed 02 Oct 19 The Shiralee Director: Leslie Norman. A swagman looking for work in s Australia suddenly finds himself carrying an extra burden… Wed 02 Oct 19 Speed Easy Directed by Lelia Doolan — Filmed in the Late 60s, early 70s a clever film targeting the 'teenager' on the correct procedures when riding a motorcycle in Ireland.

Wed 02 Oct 19 Bottoms Up Directed by Mario Zampi. Director: Francis Ford Coppola. The Cotton Club was a night club in Harlem, famous for its visitors and Jazz music. Director: Basil Dearden.

A policeman enters a romance with the sister of an infamous gang leader. Thu 03 Oct 19 Up River Murder, violence and greed haunt a young man's dream of forming a life from the untamed wilds of British Columbia at the turn of the century. Thu 03 Oct 19 Nell Gwyn Period drama directed by Herbert Wilcox. Thu 03 Oct 19 Emergency Call A young child must have a blood transfusion, but she has a rare blood group. Can a donor be found? Starring Jack Warner and Anthony Steel. Director: David Macdonald. The Egyptian narcotics bureau unit investigate the murder of a rich colonel.

Thu 03 Oct 19 Romantic Undertakings A daughter takes on the running of a funeral business after her father's death. Stars William Katt. Thu 03 Oct 19 Rooms Peter P1. Two part dramas concerning the various drifters who rent rooms in a lodging house. Thu 03 Oct 19 Summertime Jane Katharine Hepburn finally makes her dream trip to Venice but has no one to share the beautiful city with, until… Directed by David Lean. Thu 03 Oct 19 Lease of Life Director: Charles Frend. The vicar of a small village reconsiders his life after hearing he has limited time left.

Directed by Harry Watt. Narrated by Pat Jackson.

A critically acclaimed British documentary film about the operation of the 30s Royal Mail train delivery service. Director: Don Sharp. A Doctor must write an assessment on a soldier who is being court-martialled. Guest stars Alfred Burke. Directors: Vic Morrow.

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In the Old West, a gunfighting outlaw plans his way into prison to steal a large shipment of gold. Subtitles Available Thu 03 Oct 19 Crosstrap Crime Drama. Directed by Robert Hartford-Davis.

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Starring Laurence Payne and Jill Adams. Husband and wife look forward to their vacation but get caught between rival jewel thieves. A burglar breaks into the wrong shop and steals medical instruments instead of silver. Director: Ralph Richardson. David Preston, a bank official goes missing for 24 hours and has no memory of the lost time. Fri 04 Oct 19 Checkmate A Scotland Yard detective gets more than he bargained with a gang of London jewel thieves. Fri 04 Oct 19 Man in the Sea Made in we follow the Aquanauts of deep sea investigation on Sea Lab 3 — short film looks at man's continuing attempts to explore the silent world of the sea.

Fri 04 Oct 19 The Big Money Fri 04 Oct 19 Blind Date Directed by Joseph Losey. The mistress of a struggling artist is killed and inspector Morgan Stanley Baker investigates a complex case. Directed By Montgomery Tully. Starring Stephen Murray. A Russian scientist working for the British is suspected of being a 'plant', sent to monitor nuclear secrets for the Communists. Including a glimpse of sound in the cutting room and being played out from the projectionist's box.

Fri 04 Oct 19 What Is Cinema? Directed by Chuck Workman. Filmmakers discuss the titular question while looking beyond the mainstream. Fri 04 Oct 19 Rooms Peter P2. Fri 04 Oct 19 Happy Go Lovely Musical Comedy. Directed by H. Bruce Humberstone. Niven plays rich but stuffy B. Directed by Joan Littlewood. Charlie returns to the East End after two years at sea to find his house demolished and wife Maggie gone.

Who Killed Mr X? Directed by Don Weis. A body turns up at a merry-go-round.

There are no identifying papers on the body. Fri 04 Oct 19 Diamond City Set in the diamond fields of South Africa, a lawman is trying to maintain a semblance of law and order. Director: John Llewellyn Moxey. Inspector Elliott of Scotland Yard visits a circus to investigate murder and theft. Directed by Karel Reisz. After his wife leaves him for his friend, a failed artist begins his descent into madness.

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Director: Sam Peckinpah. Truckers form a mile long 'convoy' in support of a trucker's vendetta with an abusive sheriff… Sat 05 Oct 19 Rock You Sinners A disc-jockey gets his own TV show and becomes a star. Starring Jackie Collins and featuring many musical acts of the 50's. Interview conducted by Sean Hannam. Sat 05 Oct 19 Two on the Tiles Director: John Guillermin.

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A husband and wife are blackmailed by the butler on evidence of nights out until they combine to prevent him. Sat 05 Oct 19 Hawkeye Washington Story. Surveyor George Washington aids a young woman whose land grant is threatened by a wicked innkeeper. An unusual and enchanting journey, illuminated by John Betjeman's engaging personality. Sat 05 Oct 19 Go to Blazes Directed by Michael Truman. After another smash-and-grab goes wrong, the crooks use a fire engine to escape. Director: John Dooley.