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Department of Defense DoD , and with the dissolution of the Soviet Union in , it has placed a strong focus on working with former Soviet states to make sure these threats do not fall into the wrong hands. The energy security microgrid at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, in San Diego, California will provide resiliency, incorporate renewable energy, and allow operations at mission-critical facilities to continue if the utility power grid is compromised or damaged. Like many military installations, on-site facilities are aging and require Sustainment, Restoration and Modernization SRM services.

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Hastings Groundwater Contaminated Site. His team specializes in stream and wetlands restoration projects and permitting for development. Rich has more than 30 years of professional experience in stream and wetlands mitigation, mitigation banking, and other restoration projects. Rich is known for innovative designs and environmental stewardship related to the Clean Water Act and Endangered Species Act.

Industrial Water Filtration Services

Richard has more than 17 years of experience in the environmental field. He has conducted and led multiple Phase I and Phase II environmental assessments; asbestos and lead-based paint surveys; underground storage tank UST site assessments; stormwater surveys; and installation, monitoring, and maintenance of remediation systems.

Richard is responsible for the operation and maintenance of a physical-chemical stormwater treatment facility and a number of groundwater remediation systems. His vast field leadership experience includes oversight of monitoring well installation, soil and groundwater sampling, hydraulic conductivity testing, and GPS surveying. Richard also has performed wetland delineation and surveying activities on projects exceeding 1, acres in size.

Soil & Groundwater Remediation News | Department of Energy

Fred is a Professional Engineer and Licensed Land Surveyor with more than 40 years of experience in land development, site design, road design, hydrology, hydraulics, sanitary sewer design, sanitary pump station design, and working with local planning commissions. He has vast experience in both the public and private sectors. Karen has more than 20 years of professional experience consulting for mining companies, financial institutions, and law firms, and subcontracting for other consulting firms.

Innovations in Remediation and Land Reuse: Dig and Haul

She has applied her expertise in the design, construction, mitigation, and reclamation of mining sites. She is Rosgen Level IV certified. Karen is a professional member of the Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration and is the past chair of the Minerals Education Coalition. She is active in Kentucky, West Virginia, and Ohio mining associations and serves on several environmental committees. Andy has expertise in surface and underground coal and aggregates mine planning and design, environmental permitting including SMCRA and CWA , and coal and aggregate reserve analyses.

He has project experience in mine feasibility using geologic modeling, and he is well-versed in MSHA refuse modifications, mine extraction and subsidence modeling, and inspection and certification of underground coal mine seals. Andy has more than 30 years of experience in the coal and aggregates market throughout Appalachia. He is licensed as a Professional Surveyor in West Virginia.

Al has more than 30 years of engineering and business development experience in rock reinforcement, standing support, groundwater containment, and ventilation issues related to tunneling, mining, and construction.

He has taught mineral economics and mine valuation courses at the University of Kentucky and is the author of more than 40 technical publications. Al earned his Ph. Phytoremediation—Environmentally friendly groundwater treatment.

Expanding water and wastewater infrastructure

Phytoremediation—Environmentally friendly groundwater treatment Phytoremediation employs natural technology by planting trees that absorb contaminated water, drawing toxic constituents out of the groundwater and associated soil and into the rhizosphere area of soil and microorganisms that surround the main root ball. Securities and Exchange Commission should clarify and strictly enforce requirements that publicly traded U. This action would encourage companies to initiate remediation rather than delay it, in order to clear their balance sheets of this liability.

Moreover, companies should have their environmental liability reporting audited by a private third party in the same way their financial reports are audited. There should be strong penalties for companies that fail such audits. In addition, Congress should pass legislation to allow business firms to amortize the remediation liabilities they report over a to year period, the report says. This would ensure that companies would not risk losing a major portion of their asset value as a result of the full disclosure of cleanup liabilities.

Currently, companies whose sites fall under these programs can delay cleanup with little financial risk, because the likelihood of a major penalty from EPA is low. EPA should establish a national registry of contaminated sites and make it publicly available on the Internet, the report says, to provide companies with an additional incentive for rapid cleanup and to give technology developers a way to assess different segments of the environmental remediation market.

EPA also should allow owners of contaminated sites to choose any remediation technology that can meet regulatory requirements for risk reduction and should make the approval process for selecting cleanup technologies faster and more consistent, the committee said.

Investigation and Remediation

And the agency should encourage state environmental agencies to take similar steps. The average time between placing a site on the Superfund National Priorities List and actual site cleanup is 12 years, according to the Congressional Budget Office. Although technical problems at a site can cause unavoidable delays, much of the delay often can be attributed to slow action by site owners and slow approvals by regulators, the committee said. Some start-up companies featuring innovative technologies have gone out of business while awaiting the approvals necessary to use their technology at enough sites to stay solvent.

The committee also recommended that federal site managers hire contractors to do decontamination work on a fixed-price basis and establish independent peer review panels to check progress made in reaching cleanup goals.

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