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This should work for any video app. Alternatively, just download the relevant remote control app for your television and use your old iPhone to control the TV. Your old iOS devices can become part of a network of remote home security cameras. Do you like to cook? Why not leave your old iPhone mounted in your kitchen and use the device as your recipe book and measurement calculator? That way you can make sure the device you use never gets greasy, wet or dropped to smashing smithereens on your hard kitchen floor.

And Safari integration between your deivces means you can find recipes on your Mac or other iOS devices and then find the relevant page in Safari on your spare system. Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, FaceTime and other services all let you use your iPhone for voice and video calls, but I quite like a lesser-known Skype feature that lets you rent a phone number people can use to make voice calls to your Skype account from any telephone.

This costs money, but it is a good way to use your old iPhone as an office or home telephone system. You can fill your device up with camera-related apps and back all those images up to the appropriate Photos collection once you get the device back to Wi-Fi.

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You can even hook it up using the Hotspot feature on the iPhone you use if you want to share those images fast. If you are traveling, it may make sense to put a pay-as-you-go SIM for the country you are visiting inside your old iPhone. And you can leave your current device safely in the hotel safe while you get to know your way around the place you are in.

Some travelers may prefer keeping a spare device for use when traveling in order to protect enterprise or personal data from prying eyes at immigration control when visiting some countries. Do you really want to use your valuable iPhone 8 Plus as a bike computer, running the risk of rain, mud, vibration or other forms of damage? You can also use your old iPhone as a backup device. You can also use it to play a wide number of different video formats. You can sell your old device if you want to, but have you considered donating it?

You can gift it to friends and family, or visit sites such as American Cellphone Drive or Medic Mobile to explore different ways your old smartphone could make a positive difference.

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Got a story? Drop me a line via Twitter or in comments below and let me know. I'd like it if you chose to follow me on Twitter so I can let you know when fresh items are published here first on Computerworld. Jonny is a freelance writer who has been writing mainly about Apple and technology since Here are the latest Insider stories. And why don't you throw another idea of a survey tool for project creator during the funding process?

Last time I checked android has the majority share of the smartphone market why release to iphone first? Funnily enough there was a Kickstarter project for a Kickstarter mobile app a year ago.

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It got suspended. There's quite a few Kickstarter apps for Android already - although I'm not sure of their capabilities for project creators to check up on their own projects. For backers, though, quite a bit of choice. Michel - "Why first" is a simple answer - it's a lot easier to develop a consistent experience for iDevices remember, very limited set of screen resolutions alone mean a lot less testing required. In addition, check out the Kickstarter projects geared toward mobile - iDevices are very well-represented compared to Android..

But I do hope an official Android app is forthcoming - soon. Until then, yay alternatives. The app works great. I'm loving the push notifications. Two suggestions: 1 Add pull to refresh for the comments.


9 Things You Can Do With Your Broken iPhone

I concur with the pull to refresh, though I would add it to all "pages" of the app as well. But that is just the beginning, I would also love to see more effort put into tracking our own pledges, maybe a calendar for those of us who are monitoring several projects starred and pledged , some type of notification settings would be nice alert me when project hits so and so mark, for example.

Still, a good start! Agreeing with everyone else: I'd love to see an Android app. I'm sure you're already considering it or possibly developing it. Would love an update on when we can see it if it's in the works. Luckily, since everybody except Kickstarter realized long, long ago that a mobile widget to keep an eye on the evolution of one's backed projects is a necessity, a number of them already exist in the Android marketplace as kludgy as they are. The sad truth is that it's easier to go iOS first, because Android is a fragmented platform.

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That said, I want an Android version too! I do have an Android app I use for tracking projects, but it's rather limited. As I still carry a treo I don't have a dog in this fight but I am leaning toward the android. That said as a business owner I am still looking for the app that I use ever day on the treo it can be discouraging. As a new member of the kickstarter concept I am finding this platform very well thought out and executed and with an approximate gross income of 21 million dollar the resources to address these concerns seems promising.

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McCray You don't have to support every android version out there. You could for example decide to only support android 2. I'd love to see an android kickstarter app. It's a pity many companies do iOS first and a half-assed android version later. Coming at it from a creator perspective, the ability to add photo updates straight from the iPhone is a pretty cool feature.

I can picture using that when my project goes live for quick updates amid the chaos.

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McCray, for this kind of app, Android is not fragmented at all. You could probably make this kind of app with Android 1. Yeah, it's a bit annoying to see that the Kickstarter folks are so iFans that they launch a "mobile version" without even a hint of acknowledgement that there are other platforms than iPhone at all. Nor do they acknowledge that there are other social networks than Facebook, or gasp! That said, right now e. Such a nice app.

16 ways to use your old iPhone after you upgrade

We can easily analyze, search or funding for our projects on our iPhone or iPad. This mobile app also has nice design and layout. I'd like an Android Jelly Bean version as well. Android is the market leader in activated devices anyway, so I don't see any reason to make the KS app iOS exclusive. The Kickstarter Blog. Feb 14, Share this post Tweet. Finding projects The best part of Kickstarter is all the amazing projects, and the app is a really fun way to find them.

Guilherme Saba on February 14, Do you plan on releasing an Android version of this app? If so, when? Tamim Swaid on February 14, The app is really beautiful.