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As a teen it seemed amazing to me that dreams could show us the future. I was determined to learn more about this and to have such dreams myself.

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I found books that explained extrasensory perception, the knowing of information beyond the five senses. I learned about dreams and experimented with them. I taught myself to visit distant places in my dreams and to notice details about them that I could later verify in the physical world. I learned how to send people telepathic messages in dreams and how to receive messages in dreams.

Every night became an exciting adventure. Pretty soon I was engrossed in studying all kinds of topics. I learned different techniques for divination, including the Tarot. I learned how to meditate. I took courses to develop my own psychic skills, and I gave psychic readings to others. Everyone has at least some natural psychic ability and can improve it with attention and practice.

Mysteries, Legends, and Unexplained Phenomena

I studied the lore of angels and fairies. I delved into the dark shadowy realm of demons and monsters. I learned the principles of real magic and spell casting. I undertook investigations of haunted places.

I learned how to see auras and do energy healing. I even participated in some formal scientific laboratory experiments for telepathy. My studies led me to have many kinds of experiences that have enriched my understanding of the paranormal. I cannot say that I can prove anything in scientific terms. It may be some time yet before science and the paranormal stop flirting with each other and really get together. Meanwhile, we can still learn a great deal from our personal experiences.

At the very least, our paranormal experiences contribute to our inner wisdom. I encourage others to do the same as I do. Look first for natural explanations of strange phenomena. If natural explanations cannot be found or seem unlikely, consider paranormal explanations. In that case I tell people to trust their intuition that they had a paranormal experience. Sometimes the explanation makes itself known later on. I have concluded from my studies and experiences that invisible dimensions are layered upon our world, and that many paranormal experiences occur when there are openings between worlds.

The doorways often open at unexpected times.


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You take a trip, visit a haunted place, or have a strange dream—and suddenly reality shifts. You get a glimpse behind the curtain that separates the ordinary from the extraordinary. There are many things you can do in your free time. The knowledge you gain from these books will help prepare you for any unusual and unexpected experiences. As you go deeper into your study of the paranormal, you may come up with new ideas for explanations. So, keep an open and curious mind, and think big. Mysterious worlds are waiting for you!

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Small wonder, then, that so many creatures of lore and legend spring from lakes, rivers, and seas. Sporting fins, scales, and sometimes horns or fur, a riot of unidentifiable aquatics have poked their dripping heads above the waves throughout recorded history to shock grizzled sailors and hardy fisherfolk alike.

But survivors of water monster encounters are usually left as puzzled as they are terrified. Where do these beasts come from, and why are they so elusive? Any schoolchild can describe what a sea monster looks like, yet no museum boasts a skeleton—or even an irrefutable photograph—of a sea serpent or the Loch Ness Monster. Of course, not all stories of unknown water creatures involve oversized animals.

Legends of mermaids and mermen—creatures with human tops and fishy bottoms—swim rampant through the folktales of every country and are still occasionally reported in modern times.

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Circa , a Norwegian hunter at Cape Horn sighted a green-haired mermaid. Humanity has not yet documented all of creation; species previously unknown to science are discovered every year. In , 30 previously unknown species of fish were discovered on the island of Borneo alone. And since beaked whales are rarely seen near the surface, preferring to gulp squid and other prey found near the ocean bed, few people are familiar enough with them to know a beaked whale if they see one.

But beaked whales cannot possibly explain the full variety of strange creatures that have been seen, so what other mysterious beasts might still be out there? If so, it has probably always been that way. In his book, Monsters, author David D. They often live in lairs deep underground, in an unseen dimension as it were, or in watery places like marshes, fens, or swamps. And water monsters, like all cryptids, or hidden animals, also beg the added question of whether they exist as flesh-and-blood creatures or belong to the shadowy realm of myth and imagination.

Unintentional, false monster sightings can happen easily. That mistaken identification can be enhanced when the object is seen in or on a body of water. The waves, ripples, and reflections of sunlight that occur naturally in water can play tricks on the sharpest of eyes. Add in normal surface covers like floating rafts of algae, pond lilies, and other aquatic plants to fuzz things up even more, and the chances of mistaking a log for a monster grow.

Yet, thousands of people over the years have sworn they saw water creatures they could not identify: creatures too large or too weird to believe. Witnesses have observed these creatures as they swim, dive, jump, raise their heads, open toothy jaws, ram boats, paddle, devour prey, or even stare a chosen few humans straight in the eye. Their beastly actions prove they are not tree trunks or mere tricks of light and shadow. Investigators are often tempted to look to the past to explain the unexplainable.

Many sea and lake monsters seem to have very close cousins known from the fossil record. Despite their official extinct status, prehistoric reptiles, fish, amphibians, and aquatic mammals have all been suggested as explanations for everything from the Loch Ness Monster to mythic beasts. Perhaps, the argument goes, a few individuals managed to survive as relicts in isolated, favorable spots, and surface now and then to tease people with their presence.

That may seem unlikely, but it has actually occurred. The most famous example of a relict is the resurrection of the coelacanth, a large, snappy species of fish that was presumed to have died out 65 million years ago. Fossils of coelacanths, relatives of the modern lungfish, are abundant in layers from the Devonian period where the first amphibians are found.

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Coelacanths were believed to have survived only until the end of the Cretaceous Period, when flying pterosaurs and a whole slew of dinosaurs perished. But in a London museum curator shocked the world when she discovered a live, pound coelacanth in the catch brought up by a sea trawler at Cape Horn, Africa. But there are other examples. The megamouth shark, first discovered in off Hawaii, can measure up to 18 feet long and feeds by using its huge mouth as a filter to sift tiny sea creatures out of the water.

Again, however, its size is the only characteristic that people might find monster-like. Also, climatic conditions were very different in prehistoric times, making it hard to imagine how an animal could survive over so many eons of habitat change. And yet, the coelacanth did. Others prefer a supernatural rationale for behemoths of the deep, believing that sea and lake monsters are not living creatures at all. The idea that they are water spirits rather than water animals is an old one and is widespread in the traditions of all peoples. Those who choose this explanation today reason that the creatures seem to appear and disappear suddenly, they are very difficult to film or photograph, and they provoke an almost universal, eerie feeling of dread in those who see them.

Many cultures have interpreted their appearances as omens of disaster. There are many conflicting beliefs about these unidentified lake and sea creatures. What may safely be said about them is that stories and reports of their appearances are universal, and that there are more examples, theories, and tales regarding their existence than can possibly be covered in one book.

Water monsters run the gamut from colossal squids to tiny merpeople part fish and part human , from scientifically accepted species to exotic beasts that are pure fantasy. And for all the mystery and terror they incite, people do love them. The film Creature from the Black Lagoon about a gilled, manlike aquatic being is one of the most famous movies of all time. The Abyss was a science fiction thriller that pitted sophisticated human technology in a showdown with an alien, aquatic species.

And yes, there are people who believe sea monsters are related to UFOs.

Places with cryptozoological phenomena

The media have offered sillier takes on sea monsters, too; a generation of Americans grew up watching the cartoon antics of Cecil the Seasick Sea Serpent and the live-action Sigmund and the Sea Monsters by Sid and Marty Krofft, to mention just two classics. On top of countless film and TV water monsters, sea and lake beasties appear in myriad comics, games, and books. Despite the fact that most people will never actually see such a monster, the modern world is awash in mythic sea creatures in every genre of mass media.

Although most encounters with sea and lake monsters will probably never be completely explained, light may still be shed on them in the future as the scientific community learns more about the secrets of the sea. And whether the monsters are myth or reality, they may serve a purpose as gigantic as their bodies if they continue to inspire the worldwide quest for unknown water creatures.