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I did a couple of searches, didn't find anything here on SB. As you have probably seen from some of my posts, I am fortunate enough to be moving to Oahu in the next couple of months for work. I looked around at some websites regarding learning Hawaiian, even tried Rosetta Stone which does not appear to have a Hawaiian version. So I'm wondering, do you really need to know much Hawaiian or is what I'll need something that I'll just pick up once I'm there? I figured some of you locals there could put me straight! DennisS , Dec 17, You are more likely to encounter 'Pidgin' English depending upon where you go in the islands.

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  • Back to learning the actual Hawaiian Language - probably the best way to go about learning it is thru one of the courses offered here in the islands - either at the community college or the continuing education department lots of classes offered there that may be of interest - I have a buddy that moved here a few years ago and one of the first things he did was take a Hawaiian language class and a Hula class His new found language has helped him develop lots of new friends amongst locals with Hawaiian ancestry When you get over here let us all know so we can show you some of the local diving.

    Aloha, Tim. DiveWestOahu likes this. Thank you Tim and Dennis. I will make it a point to seek you out for some local diving Tim, that is one of the driving factors that pushed me to take this position. Thanks for the references, I'll see how they help. Duolingo , based in Pittsburgh, Pa. Duolingo said its goal was to make Hawaiian accessible for free to millions of people eager to learn it, as well as to add more courses for languages considered at-risk or endangered.

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    The Duolingo app is free on iOS and Android. Already, the Hawaiian language course has at least 10, active learners online, who learn by clicking through a series of lessons that incorporate audio by fluent Hawaiian speakers. Ekela Kaniaupio-Crozier, a Hawaiian culture facilitator at Kamehameha Schools Maui, said part of the challenge was creating a language lesson online in brief, bite-sized segments.

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    Hawaiian Main Units Our main language course that contains the core content. Chapter 1 - Who Are You? Chapter 2 - We Are Family. Chapter 4 - Help!

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    Chapter 5 - What is Your Emergency? Conversational Goals Greet others and bid them farewell Identify subject pronouns Introduce yourself Meet new people.

    Grammar Goals Be briefly introduced to verbless, definite sentences Create simple equational sentences with adjectives Understand the differences between personal pronouns. Conversational Goals Ask questions regarding familial relationships Describe someone in relation to family members Introduce someone else.

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    Grammar Goals Be briefly introduced to sentences with verbs Create definite equational sentences with nouns Use the 3 different forms of "the" correctly. Conversational Goals Articulate feelings Describe physical characteristics Express interest Inquire about a stranger.

    Grammar Goals Create a verbless prepositional sentence Get acquainted with verbs with tense Use direct and indirect objects in sentences Use the right object preposition for various words. Conversational and Grammar Goals Chapter 5 - Where did you go to school?

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    Conversational Goals Discuss past events Discuss the merits of a school Inquire about programs. Conversational Goals Ask for clarification Describe current actions Give commands Provide and obtain new information Request new vocabulary. Conversational Goals Ask permission to do something Ask the price for something Count Express desire to do something Negotiate. Grammar Goals State ability using the hiki sentence pattern Use numbers in sentences without possession Use two verbs in a sentence.

    Conversational and Grammar Goals Chapter 3 - What would you like? Grammar Goals Create negative past, present, and future tenses Use both forms of the word "and" in sentences Use pronouns vs.