Manual Mental Health Promotion: A Lifespan Approach

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This online resource provides health and social service providers with current evidence-based approaches in the application of mental health promotion concepts and principles for older adults and is intended to support practitioners, caregivers and others involved in developing programs in incorporating best practices approaches to mental health promotion that are directed towards older people 55 years of age and over. This web resource is the third in a series of guides to promoting positive mental health.

It provides health and social service providers "practitioners" with current evidence-based approaches in the application of mental health promotion concepts and principles for refugees. It is intended to support practitioners and others involved in developing programs in incorporating best practice approaches to mental health promotion initiatives that are directed towards refugees. Download Best practice guidelines for mental health promotion programs: Refugees.

Download Best practice guidelines for mental health promotion programs: Refugees Worksheet. But it is important to recognize that the two approaches are not mutually exclusive.

International Journal of Clinical and Health Psychology

There is no question that an integrated system of services and supports is urgently needed, but if it is working effectively, it will also be promoting the mental health of the people it serves. Like all people, those with mental illness need a positive sense of self; a sense of inclusion and belonging; purpose, meaning, and hope; and a practical understanding of their own mental health strengths and challenges. While these are aspects of mental health promotion, they represent only a small fraction of its reach.

Its universal principles apply to all sub-populations, and its strategies can take many forms. The sample of applications in the following section demonstrates a range of concrete mental health promotion strategies in a variety of settings. A selection of applications along with program examples in boxes follows, organized according to the five action areas for health promotion from the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion Handle with Care CMHA and Hincks-Dellcrest Institute, present A guidebook and train the trainer program for promoting the mental health of young children in child care.

All funded projects are consumer-run and all staff and board members are consumers.

Major Initiatives

It gathers information from consumers, families, providers, and external groups such as family doctors, RCMP, income support workers and other community organizations. It asks: How well does the mental health system work as a discrete system? How well do the services and supports within the system work together? How well does the system relate with other parts of the community e. How well does it support people with mental illness and their families to optimize their recovery? In particular, they identified social determinants of health such as housing, income, employment, and justice as mental health policy issues.

This previously hidden consensus has significant implications for policy development and joint initiatives. Inclusion in Community: A Guide to Local Action CMHA National, This project fostered integration into regular community life by making generic services and groups more accessible to people with mental illness. In different sites across Canada, a range of community partners jointly identified and implemented inclusion strategies. Partners besides the mental health sector included business people, colleges, government, religious leaders, and recreation staff. Approaches included: community theatre troupe, consumer-run businesses, enhancing access to mainstream employment and to recreation programs at the YMCA, expanding volunteer opportunities, and outreach to peers in hospital to connect them to community.

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Mental health promotion is consistent with this vision. This principle can keep the Commission focused on helping people build on their capacities and direct their own recovery journey. In particular, mental health promotion principles can inform the approach the Commission takes to its initial identified priorities.

For example:. The potential of mental health promotion goes far beyond public education. It is relevant for all people, including those with mental illness, and its principles can provide a solid foundation for the Mental Health Commission of Canada as it proceeds with its important agenda. Schmid, A. Annual Review of Gerontology and Geriatrics, Vol Emerging perspectives on resilience in adulthood and later life, pp.

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Understanding Wellness and Using Wellness Strategies

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Integrated Health Care Across the Lifespan

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