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He called government debt "a kind of paper credit. As can be seen, Hume's economic approach resembles his other philosophies in that he does not choose one side indefinitely, but sees gray in the situation []. Due to Hume's vast influence on contemporary philosophy, a large number of approaches in contemporary philosophy and cognitive science are today called "Humean.

Attention to Hume's philosophical works grew after the German philosopher Immanuel Kant , in his Prolegomena to Any Future Metaphysics , credited Hume with awakening him from his "dogmatic slumber". According to Schopenhauer , "there is more to be learned from each page of David Hume than from the collected philosophical works of Hegel , Herbart and Schleiermacher taken together.

Ayer , while introducing his classic exposition of logical positivism in , claimed: "The views which are put forward in this treatise derive from Hume's problem of induction was also of fundamental importance to the philosophy of Karl Popper. In his autobiography, Unended Quest , he wrote: "Knowledge This way of looking at the problem made it possible for me to reformulate Hume's problem of induction ".

I approached the problem of induction through Hume. Hume, I felt, was perfectly right in pointing out that induction cannot be logically justified. The writings of Scottish philosopher and contemporary of Hume, Thomas Reid , were often criticisms of Hume's scepticism.

The Moral Philosophy of David Hume

Reid formulated his common sense philosophy in part as a reaction against Hume's views. Hume influenced and was influenced by the Christian philosopher Joseph Butler. Hume was impressed by Butler's way of thinking about religion, and Butler may well have been influenced by Hume's writings.

Hume's rationalism in religious subjects influenced, via German-Scottish theologian Johann Joachim Spalding , the German neology school and rational theology , and contributed to the transformation of German theology in the age of enlightenment.

The "fact that Christianity is contrary to reason According to philosopher Jerry Fodor , Hume's Treatise is "the founding document of cognitive science ". Hume engaged with contemporary intellectual luminaries such as Jean-Jacques Rousseau , James Boswell , and Adam Smith who acknowledged Hume's influence on his economics and political philosophy.

Isaiah Berlin once said of Hume that "No man has influenced the history of philosophy to a deeper or more disturbing degree.

David Hume on Morality

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy writes that Hume is "[g]enerally regarded as one of the most important philosophers to write in English. His nephew and namesake, David Hume of Ninewells — , was a co-founder of the Royal Society of Edinburgh in He is buried with his uncle in Old Calton Cemetery. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other people named David Hume, see David Hume disambiguation. Scottish philosopher, economist, and historian. Portrait by Allan Ramsay.

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Edinburgh , Scotland , Great Britain. Scottish Enlightenment Naturalism [1] Scepticism Empiricism Foundationalism [2] Conceptualism [3] Indirect realism [4] Correspondence theory of truth [5] Moral sentimentalism Liberalism. Epistemology Metaphysics. Ethics Aesthetics. Problem of causation Problem of induction Constant conjunction Bundle theory Association of ideas Is—ought problem Fact—value distinction Impression—idea distinction Hume's fork Deductive and inductive reasoning Science of man Moral sentiments.

See also: is—ought problem. Main article: Of Miracles. Key proponents. Types of utilitarianism. Key concepts.

An encyclopedia of philosophy articles written by professional philosophers.

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