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Whole Lotta Trouble. So how does this work, both universes are completely identical and we are always doing the same exact thing at the time. Whats the point in having the other universe, wouldn't it just be a waste of space and energy to sustain both, when one gets the job done.

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I'm torn. I love the idea that we live in this subjective reality where our thoughts influence our reality, and I love your explanation of quantum effects being dependent on information leakage, but based on my physics background I see it from this point of view:. Up until we measure we don't know what state it's in this is the paradox as I understand it--cat alive and dead until we observe so we describe it in terms of probabilities. So the size MUST matter! Larger objects require a significantly larger amount of energy to disturb their state, which is probably why our observations don't drastically alter the objects around us.

When cooled to near zero temperatures, the quantum effects become macroscopic because thermal fluctuations and interactions are reduced so as not to disturb the system and thus allowing many particles of the system to occupy the same quantum state which I suppose is similar to information leaked, but at the same time I don't think information leakage is always equivalent to heat energy as you say.


But the question is an interesting one. Human beings have a very interesting relationship with self reflection. In altered states of conciousness mirrors indeed allow access to peculiar state of viewing oneself. Unfortunately more often than not its the shadow self that lives behind the mirror.

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This is why many people are nervous about it and we have legends of bad luck and such. If you ever have a chance wrestling with controlling your image as it contorts and try's to come Alive in a mirror while in an altered state of conciousness weather a meditative state or lucid dream is a very unique, disturbing at first, but ultimately enlightening when you manage to own your shadow and view yourself and like what you see. Ha, I had an OBE once and walked past a mirror that was sitting beside my bedroom door it also existed there in the physical.

I almost jumped into the mirror world but stopped myself last minute because I decided things would get very confusing very quickly. Kinda wish I did it anyway. I'll have to play around with this sometime.

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It seems pretty obvious to me that reflections not transmissions from alternate realities occur. In my opinion, Mr. Right Wing gave an excellent explanation. In particular, he mentioned heat in regards to quantum entanglement; and this is the real reason why our observations don't drastically alter macroscopic objects.

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For an object to be entangled, it must be completely separated from its environment as Mr. Right Wing said. But it is appropriate to ask why isn't everything in one big entangled state? The second law of Thermodynamics dictates that the entropy of a closed always increases. For small objects the entropy gain from decoherence is small, so small objects can stay entangled for quite a long time, however even these small entangled pairs can spontaneously decohere without anyone measuring or interacting with them.

For a very large object with millions or more particles, the entropy gain from decoherence is so large that it is almost impossible to keep the collection of particles entangled; and even if you could cool the entire collection to low enough temperatures to entangle everything, they would likely spontaneously decohere very quickly. Not true. I guess this depends on perspective. I wouldn't say that the connection between thermodynamic energy and information is iron-clad though; I think there is still room for argument.

The two are obviously related, but I am not sure that an equivalence relationship has been definitively established.

Other Side of The Mirror

I have not jumped into into a mirror but a spirit did open a door one time for me to go into. It was a mirror image world of this one, but once I went in it was a heavenly realm. Where people were playing with their kids and loving each other. It was an interesting journey.

Our universe has antimatter partner on the other side of the Big Bang, say physicists

The doorway was through my hallway closet. Just a symbol of course, but occasionally I do open the closet just to check. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account? Sign in here. Sign in to follow this. Other side of a mirror Old question but Recommended Posts. Posted June 1, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Posted June 1, edited. As the amount of energy in the universe is stable, it cannot be added to or subtracted from. Would this be an example of quantum entanglement or quantum determinism? To me, this makes no sense whatsover. What could a mirror possibly have anything to do with a "parallel universe"? I'd love to be the character in my mirror. Oh, wait. The book was full of twists and turns; mysteries being solved only to start a new one. Lex H Jones has done a fabulous job in keeping the mysteries, cases, and the characters connected until the end.

How the mysteries are solved and the truths are unfolded to the reader is a pat-on-the-back. I found the end of the book most captivating and full of eagerness; explaining every tiny detail and connecting all the loopholes in a crystal clear manner. On a scale of 10, I would give The Other Side of the Mirror a big 10 score for the characters, intensity, description, and juggles of the crime story. The Other Side of the Mirror written by Lex H Jones is highly recommended for the ones who are looking for a captivating read. Read for Free.