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A PNB truck carrying the gold from its Chennai branch to Tirupati was stopped and seized by the election authorities in Tamil Nadu's Tiruvallur district on April 17 during vehicle checking in view of the polling scheduled the next day. As the TTD initially denied that the seized gold belong to it, it kicked up a row with the allegations that the temple authorities did not even know that the temple gold was being brought back.

The temple body, however, defended its stand saying the gold can't be called TTD's till it reaches its treasury. The gold reached TTD treasury only two days later after the PNB submitted all documents to the Income Tax department to prove that it was temple gold and was being transported to Tirupati to hand it over to TTD on completion of term of gold deposit scheme.

Golden Temple in Amritsar to be renovated with 160 kg ‘pure gold’

Subramanyam ordered a probe into the alleged lapses into the release and transportation of the gold. Balaji temple, as the hill shrine is also popularly known, had deposited 1, kg gold with PNB in The bank returned the same with an interest of 70 kg gold. For last two decades, TTD had been keeping its gold in various nationalized banks under gold deposit schemes. After the announcement of gold monetization scheme by the Reserve Bank of India RBI in , TTD deposited gold reserved under short, medium and long term schemes in various public-sector banks but only after the central bank brought certain amendments to ensure that the interest will be paid in the form of gold.

Believed to have been constructed over a period starting AD, the temple attracts 50, to one lakh pilgrims every day. The number on special occasions like the annual Brahmotsavam and festivals goes up to lakh. According to officials, the devotees make offerings in the form of cash, gold and silver jewellery, property deeds and even demat shares.

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The temple earns Rs 1, crore to Rs. During , the TTD expects an overall revenue of about Rs 3, crore including Rs 1, crore from offerings and Rs crore from interest on deposits in nationalized and private banks. According to sources, the temple has over Rs 12, crore in fixed deposits in various banks. It is also believed to be earning about kg of gold as annual interest on gold deposits in the banks. However, the actual wealth of the temple is beyond anybody's guess as the main deity at Balaji temple and several other processional idols are adorned with diamond-studded gold ornaments and antiques said to be worth hundreds of crores.

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Temple Run: Tirupati temple sits on over 9, kg gold reserves - The Economic Times

Your Reason has been Reported to the admin. It stirred my soul in a way that a more complex work of fiction might not have. Complexity would have sent me packing. Almost every page in The Temple of Gold was shot through with bitterness, grief, and disillusionment, as if the twenty-one-year old narrator had already wearied of life and its crushing disappointments.

Kamelot - Temples Of Gold

And what that voice was telling me, to borrow the alternately hardboiled and supersensitive idiolect of Raymond Trevitt, was that the world was just really goddamned sad. Actually, all this weltschmertz was rather intoxicating; better a sad world than a stupid and trivial one, such as I saw on TV — not that I was prepared to give up that particular narcotic. In the years that have passed since it happened, I have wondered and thought many times over about why I loved them so much.

The only answer I can come up with is this: they seemed so goddam happy just swimming around and around. Which is more than most of us can say. Furthermore, it followed that if the world was sad, so were the people in it.

And from that startling perception followed two others: 1 people were entitled to a little sympathy, and 2 apparently the place to talk about such things was in books, because nobody outside of them, from what I could tell, seemed disposed to ponder, at least publicly, the Meaning of It All.

Forty-seven years ago that garish paperback novel taught me some things about reading that are with me still. One lesson imparted was that there were lives other than my own — a thought rather alien to the or rather my adolescent mind. For the moment, however, reading about the secret resentments, frustrations, and pathologies of people very much like my own neighbors was sufficiently broadening.


If middle class America, as The Temple of Gold strongly implied, was seething with repressed misery, two contrasting responses suggested themselves to me: scorn or empathy. I decided to empathize. Everybody fails everybody. Just like God. God failed. God failed on His own son in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Although The Temple of Gold would have appalled and dismayed them — some of it appalls and dismays me — I still think my teachers were more right than wrong. I came away from that book appreciably more sensitized to the difficulties of adulthood, though I still had a good ten years of adolescent self-righteousness ahead of me. And the remarkable thing was that this sensitization reached outward and inward; that is, The Temple of Gold heightened my awareness of the inner lives of others, while doing much the same for my own.

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It may be that, a budding critic even then, I was reading way too much into a fairly crude novel. I hope so.

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Because here is yet another lesson The Temple of Gold imparted: William Goldman wrote the novel but I collaborated with him. This was a book to read slowly over time, partly to savor its warmed over existentialism, partly to keep under wraps a lurid paperback that no one needed to know had turned me inside out. I still read books slowly over time.

People somehow expect my apartment to be crammed with incunabula and variorum editions.

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In fact I own fewer than a thousand books, and none with any special distinction or value. I have, on the other hand, read most of those books, and some many times over. This means, of course, that I am hugely ignorant in areas that engage me less fully than others; the history of the world, for example. I do know a lot, however, about the mental landscape of adolescent boys.